Why do i need a proctor during my exam?

All EC-Council exams are fully proctored. A proctor is mandatory should you wish to attempt any of our exams. 

The exam can only be unlocked by an EC-Council authorized proctor. The proctor is available to monitor the exam session and assist you should you face any issues during the exam session. The proctor is a trained representative authorized by EC-Council to help administer the test and report any incidents or events recorded during the session. The proctors are governed by the proctor agreement and are committed to ensuring that the test experience is fair and valid for a test taker. 

You have a choice to opt for a session that is either physically or remotely proctored.

1. Exam voucher are different for different mode of exams. You will need to ensure you are letting your representative/ POC know about your preference prior to the exam voucher purchase.
2. The proctor has to be able to view the exam and the candidate while the candidate is testing or else the exam result will not be valid and the test will have to be rescheduled. 
3. Feedback from the proctor will be taken into consideration for all contested exam results.

If you need more information about proctoring options you can raise a ticket and one of our support agents will get back to you.

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