How many times can I take any EC-Council exam?

As many times as you want! However, each separate test voucher will cost you $500 as a student, so you may want to feel more comfortable with the material before attempting the exam again. Outlined below are some important things to take into consideration. 

  • There is no cooling off period after failing; you can take the test again as soon as you want to (1st retake)
  • If you fail a second time, you will have to wait fourteen (14) days to retake the exam
  • If you fail a third time, you will have to wait fourteen (14) days to retake the exam
  • You aren't allowed to take the exam more than five (5) times in twelve (12) months, and a waiting period of twelve (12) months will be imposed before you can take it for a sixth time. 
  • Candidates who PASS the exam are not allowed to take the exam for a second time. 

EC-Council strongly advises candidate who fail the exam for the third time (2nd retake) to attend official hands-on training that covers the certification objectives.

EC-Council reserves the right to revoke the certification status of candidates who attempt the exam without abiding to EC-Council retake policy as stated above.

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